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Welcome to our pets business and shopping directory, a wonderful place for all pet lovers to choose from a huge collection of birds, cats, dogs, fish, pet breeders, pet identification, pet stores links and resources. We will be covering all segments of pet-keeping such as selecting and finding your special pet, dog food, cat products, pet treatment, crates, birdcage and hutches, pet keeping guides, and all the information about different breeds and species of animals.

Pet keeping is a delightful experience, and our directory will make it even better by providing all the necessary resources and links you will ever need for this purpose, we care for your pets even more than you do. Browse our directory for pet care, grooming and training, pet health and cleaning, toys for your pet, pet supplies and cute gifts like bedding and clothing for your pets. In addition to this, you will also find resources to help you in dealing with your pet loss.

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  • Pet Camp
    At Pet Camp, we are dedicated to providing your pet with a safe and caring environment while they enjoy their stay with us. Whether your cat is lounging in his custom, sunlit condo or your dog is goofing around with the other dogs in our enormous out ...
  • Teacup Puppies for Sale in Reseda, CA
    Star Yorkie Kennel Reseda CA has been rated the best choice for world’s smallest Tiny Micro Teacup Puppies Adoptions! Our extraordinary selection includes: Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkie), the Teacup Maltese, Teacup Pomeranians, Teacup Shih-Tzus, and T ...
  • FlipFlop Dogs
    FlipFlop is a pet care company serving Georgia and the surrounding areas. The company offers an alternative to kenneling, providing in-home dog care service that allow dogs to stay with carefully selected companion families. The program allows for pe ...
  • Ant Farms and More
    We have information about ants, ant facts, ant farms, ant videos, the ant city, species of ants, types of ants, and more. We answer questions like, What do ants eat? How fast are ants? How long do ants live? How much can an ant lift? and many others. ...
  • Petmates
    A caring, professional Northern Beaches pet care business providing a first class service to you and your pets. ...
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